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Jan, 2022

2022 Spring Registrations Now Open

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Details and additional information.....
Player Registration

Players within the former NLLL boundary/school will register with NLLL for the 2022 season as in previous years.

Players within the former LALL boundary/school will register with LALL for the 2022 season as in previous years.

Players within the former Leominster National boundary/school can register with either LALL or NLLL for the 2022 season.

Players that register for NLLL at the minors, instructional, and tball divisions will play out of the NLLL facility. Players that register for LALL at the minors, instructional, and tball divisions will play out of the LALL facility. For the majors division, regardless of what league you register with, players will be placed on any of the merged teams with games/practices split between both facilities.

 Majors Division - 2022 Season

For the 2022 regular season
a.                LALL and NLLL major divisions teams will be combined in efforts to maximize opportunity for players in Leominster to play at the majors division level. Teams will be formed with the intent to maximize playing time and player development.
b.               A minimum of one tryout and team selection will be held for all players registered for the majors division.
c.                 The teams will be selected in a manner to allow for as many level and competitive teams as possible.
d.               Teams will practice and play games at both facilities (NLLL and LALL). The games and practices may not be equally distributed between the two facilities, depending on coaches primary location.

(2)           A city championship will be held between the major division teams prior to all-star tournament play. Consideration will be made in expanding this tournament, and/or having an alternate fundraising tournament to include other towns as appropriate.

(3)           For the 2022 postseason
a.       The all-star tournament team will be selected from the majors division players that play in a qualifying number of regular season games.
b.       Coaching staff for the majors division all-star team will be agreed upon by LALL and NLLL presidents and vice presidents.c.        The player selection process will be based on having representation from each majors division team and input from all majors division coaches using a player ranking system.

 Minors, Instructional, and TeeBall

(1)    For the 2022 regular season
a.       LALL and NLLL will register and operate their own programs at this level.
b.       Games will be played within the division across both LALL and NLLL, similar to prior years.

(2)    For the 2022 postseason
a.       All-star tournament teams may be selected from kids 9-11 years of age to compete in tournaments offered by Little League.

Please contact [email protected] with any questions.  Thank you.

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